Kind Words From A Few Of Our Clients

We are constantly asked if we provide other services besides Lead Generation and of course, we do! Much of this work we complete via our sister site, VineSocialMedia.com. These testimonials cover the full range of services we provide, including lead generation (of course), as well as list-building, website design, creation and maintenance, search-engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and video creation. We also specialize in content localization of new and existing digital materials; we currently work in the Spanish-speaking market, managing cross-over materials - graphics, website creation, video ads, etc. - in Latin-America and Spain.   Go right ahead and ask us for more details about any of these services via this contact form. We love to talk about this stuff!

“Led To An Increase In Clickthroughs”
Natalie Keene – Online Marketing Manager at Vorten Media
“The assignment… led to an increase in clickthroughs. I recommend them to anyone who needs a consultant with a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of how to get clients beating a path to your door.”
“Top-Notch Lead Generation And SEO Professionals”
“Top-notch lead generation and SEO professionals. I hired them for a pretty tough project I was undertaking with a key client of mine. It was evident from the beginning, that they were not only well versed in online marketing techniques, but also had strong networks online, ties to the industry, and a well-rounded understanding of how to use them!”


“Comprehensive Insight Given Regarding My Online Marketing Goals”
Anders McDonald – Digital Media Strategist at FlexInc.
“As a result of the comprehensive insight given regarding my online marketing goals and the state of my website, they come with my highest recommendation. A great advocate, adviser, asset for a start-up or business partner… provide excellent direction.”


“Selling into several top UK companies and delivered great results.”
Regina Jameson – Managing Partner at Columbia IT Solutions
“Managed a diverse group of customer facing teams selling into several top UK companies and delivered great results. I strongly recommend [them] for anyone looking to build their online presence in any way.”

“Detail Oriented And Efficient Perfectionists”
“Well-educated and self-motivated social media manager. Customer-service oriented, detail oriented and efficient perfectionists. If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have them doing that job.”
“Gave A Professional Overview of Our Company’s Website”
“Did a professional overview of our company’s website and marketing materials. They clearly know the subject matter very well and have provided us with a very detailed and informative report regarding improvements that could be made to our website.”

“An Utter Delight… Charming, Creative, Patient”
Sarah Bird, Novelist, Prize-Winning Author Of Multiple Novels
“They were an utter delight to work with; charming, creative, patient… Created a wonderful site for me”

“They Impressed Me With Their Knowledge”
“I had the pleasure of doing business with them on a 2008 project and they impressed me with their knowledge in website creation and logo design, not to mention excellent service. They have great creative ideas. We’ve since worked on a couple more small projects together and I’m looking forward to our continued business relationship.”

“Training Sessions On How To Build Traffic To Our Company Site”
“Provided great leadership and showed initiative to drive continuous improvement across the team and organization through  training sessions on how to build traffic to our company site through using blogging, Twitter and Facebook. They have exceptional client relationship skills and show strong teaching and leadership skills. Glad to work with them again.”
“On the cutting edge of what’s new in IT.”
Janet Dorman – Content Marketing Professional, SEO and PPC Project Manager
“On the cutting edge of what’s new in the world of IT operations, service delivery and incident management, which makes [them] all the more valuable. I would recommend them to anybody.

“Impressed At How Much Information Was Provided”
“I was aware of many of the issues and key problems that my site and marketing had which were pointed out within a very short time. I was impressed at how much information was provided… Experienced in all of the key tools we need – Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, as well as the web-related skills like PHP, HTML, CSS etc..”

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