Premium Lead Generation Monthly Package


This is a fully-managed Lead Generation and marketing program that is specifically designed for medium to large businesses that have more challenging client acquisition goals. This program features everything included in the Power program, along with a wide variety of additional marketing services, including building out a social media branding and sales funnel campaign.

A flexible Facebook Ad Funnel campaign is included to drive foot traffic, local awareness, click to call, leads, or traffic, as appropriate in accordance with your campaign objectives.

Regular social media postings of high-quality creatives and text, along with increased email marketing numbers come together to achieve your ultimate lead generation and marketing goals. These added services render exceptional reach in terms of sales potential.

  • 5 human-driven personalized videos per month  disseminated over a wide range of social media accounts, in accordance with client requirements to build leads and/or nurture customer regeneration
  • We connect with and follow up with a maximum of 10,000 very highly-targeted leads per month on your behalf (numbers may vary dependent upon the niche, geographical region, and length of sales cycle of your company), allowing for a much higher number of leads falling into your sales pipeline than with the Classic Program
  • Two Facebook ads (split-tested), with accompanying image creatives and comments/text content are included.
  • Emailing campaign with drip-email messaging series created by our team of professional sales copywriters
  • Fully managed lead generation and follow-up lead nurturing of initial email responses
  • Extended lead nurturing. All feedback from leads responded to by our team. Only fully-qualified, firm leads are funneled your quota-carrying Sales Rep for closing.
  • Personal Account Manager for ongoing customer support and centralized communication
  • Monthly 60-minute calls to review progress and re-assess goals for the forthcoming month
  • Access to account support staff
  • World-class initial on-boarding at just $995, which includes 1 sales manager account with data portal access
  • 3 month,  6 month or annual billing (with a required minimum 3 month commitment to allow our program to reach its fullest potential)