Who will best benefit from the Just Bring Me Leads! email marketing and lead generation programs?

  • CEOs of Startups, SaaS (Software as a Service) and technology firms that specialize in service production and have no time, nor in-company expertise in marketing.
  • Company owners, Directors and Departmental Heads of marketing.
  • Heads of Sales departments who are looking to significantly lower the number of hours spent by their sales team on cold calling, and prospecting potential leads.

We'll help you and your company set up meetings with new potential clients.Cost Basis

Pricing will vary with scope of work, selected services and scheduling needs. For example, at the low end, our services are mostly cover strategic planning and program management, while at the high end, our services would also include copy and design.

Thus, the price of your B2B lead generation package will differ based on several factors:

  • Industry
  • Level Of Decision Maker Needed (No. of layers to pass through)
  • Degree of lead qualification required
  • Type of Call To Action (Appointment vs. Agreement To Meet etc.)

How We Charge

Our services will be structured around you and your organizations specific needs, in close consultation with you and your sales staff.

We’ll need to know key information such as the length and reach of your overall sales cycle (is it just 7 days? Or as long as 14 months?), and the number of sales manager accounts you’ll require to fill your lead and sales funnel; you’ll want enough to keep your sales managers busy, and keep your ROI high!

Your program with include the following:

  • Qualified Leads
  • Qualified Lead Nurturing (6 to 20 touches, depending on the program)
  • List Creation List
  • EnrichmentCustomer
  • Targeting Sales Qualification
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Custom Data (if required)

Services also include strategic planning, program management, list/media research, creative direction, copywriting, graphic design, website and landing page development and production supervision.

Investment Fee Guide

Your monthly investment fees are likely to range from $1,997 for a locally-based small business or contractor, to $12,000+ for a medium-sized service or manufacturing organization, dependent upon the range of services required.

All fees are exclusive of 3rd party services Ad Spend. Fees are also arranged under the industry standard of a minimum 3 month contract, with an option for monthly, ongoing service provision thereafter.

How We Design Your Lead Generation Package

We will work with you on a wide range of projects that may include direct mail, email, website development, content creation, online advertising, search marketing, trade show marketing, public relations and collateral development – whatever is a priority for you.

Our focus is on building a measurable marketing program or system that generates a consistent flow of new leads – and then stays in touch with those leads over the long haul.

Service Inclusions

Your program may include a combination of the following services:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns – email campaigns to a list of opt-in prospects who have previously identified themselves as a lead. If needed, we can also provide cold-email to rented or purchased email lists.
  • Paid Search – Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and/or Google Adwords campaigns to get your ads to show on Google search pages.
  • Online Advertising – display ads that appear on websites across the Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing – display ads that connect with people who have previously visited your website.
  • Organic Search – content creation designed to get your website found for specific keyword phrases. This typically requires a high level of content creation combined with social media.
  • Local Search – for companies that sell to a local market, local search helps to get your name in the local search results (sometimes appearing on a local map).
  • Landing Page Development – landing pages increase the chances of your clicks converting into leads. We can build landing pages on your website or on a third-party services.
  • Website Management – for websites using the WordPress platform, we can help you update, create and manage your website pages.

If you have any other questions about our multi-touch lead generation programs and how we might best work for you, please don’t hesitate to email us, or go right ahead and schedule a strategy chat with us right now!

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